Atusa Jafari is a 20 year old painter from Berlin. Starting with abstract paintings with acrylic and paper, her art today consists exclusively of paintings with oil on canvas. 

Atusa’s art is inspired by the fascination of female strength and cohesion. Female traits are not only to be found in women, but in every human being.

Her characters often have no gender or male traits to make boarders disappear. 


The focus is on the body and expression, as well as various interactions between the respective characters. The ideas of her pictures often come from personal impressions and thoughts, which she processes through painting. She works with other artists, film and music and likes to set up collectives to show the interaction of talents who share the same passion in different ways. In addition to working with artists, she has already painted for music videos, product designers and fashion companies.

Fliegender Teppich_1.jpg
Fliegender Teppich_2.jpg


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