coexist.collective is a team consisting of three creative minds of different cultural

and religious backgrounds with each our own individual talent and interests.

Driven by our ideas and urge to self-realization we make our fantasies/dreams reality. 

Moreover, we love to support by giving a platform to share your work with others. artists collective from Munich with the goal to create a community for artists, faces/models and generally creatives.

Since our childhood we are stuck in the Munich art scene and leave

our footsteps since 2017 in the event calendar of our city.


Through our distinctive network, we managed to shake up old-established and one

To establish a platform for young and aspiring artists. The diversity of our team,

is also reflected in our projects and cooperation with our partners contrary.

From fashion shows, to art exhibitions and photo / video productions we succeeded

to attract attention in the past for our project and coexist.


The space is dedicated to showcasing and supporting the personal work of both represented and affiliated artists.


our work is driven by passion